Mari Jo's Testimony

I was raised under the ministry of Pastor Bob Dustman at Landmark Baptist Church in Batesville, Arkansas. I went forward and prayed several times as a young child. I never really had the understanding of once saved always saved. I thought I needed to add something to it.

For six years the Holy Spirit worked on my prideful heart. I was constantly asking God for one more day then I would make it right. During my second semester in Bible College, my professor Dr. David Cwenar asked everyone in the room if they felt like they had the power of God on their life. I was the only one who said yes. Right then God said "You've got one more chance." I did not sleep at all that night.

The next day in chapel, Dr. Cwenar preached on the exact same thing that he taught in class. My heart was racing so quickly I thought he would never get to the invitation. I ran up to the altar and fell on my face before God and asked Him to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart and save me from eternal hell. My burden was lifted and my heart was filled with the Holy Spirit on February 9, 2000. The following Sunday, I was baptized. I surrendered to the mission field during mission’s conference two weeks later.